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By The Time My New Walk Begins

It surely would be a sweatful long tiring journey
to walk off my thoughtful love that was for the only he
But no one would be able to stop me
reaching those that I’m now fighting for, and smiling for
Not even you
Not even love
Not even you or as known as love
Not even you or to me was so-called life
Not even your warm cheerful smiles would bring me into doubt
Though I’m taking this very first walk woundly
Although again and again
I’m desperately yearning these sweet lethally laughters of yours
But not even those everlasting memories of ours could stuck me at the passing gate
Those surely I will pass through
Even with much unseen silent pains covered with fake joyful hours
I’ll struggle these heavy steps till the very end of the line
proving that I could be fine,
living on my own without, at all, your presence behind 

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