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How Moms Feel When Their Daughters Are About to Leave the House

I used to be mom’s little daughter. I used to be always under her supervision. She always protects me. She would literally do anything for me, her only daughter. And she’d do the same for my sibling too, my little cute spoiled brother. 

She realizes how time goes by. How time changes her children, from young kids become young man and young lady. And then, so sudden, there was time for me to say goodbye. To go to a different city to pursue my college study. She felt it strongly, it must be. The feeling of losing someone who used to be by her side: me.

When I was in high school, mom once said, “Where did my little girl go? There’s no little her anymore. I used to live with her cuteness when she was a child, but now that little baby girl has disappeared.” She said that as she missed the small version of me.

They right, babies born, grew up to be little kids, and then to be teenager, and became even more and more different. Every growth step changed the kids significantly and, in many cases, permanently. And that’s what all moms felt. And that’s what my mom felt too. I was once a baby and grew up into something else. I felt a bit sorry for her for yearning my cute version and could only find the today-annoying-version of me. I replied her only with ‘ha-ha-ha you right, mom.’

When I was in my foundation year, mom said something else. A deeper one. “I raised you since you were born, but then when you are mature, someone’s gonna take you from me.” At that time I couldn’t reply her with ‘ha-ha-ha you right, mom’ again. I wanted to correct her, correct her that it wouldn’t happen that ‘mean.’ It would happen in a happy way. But I agreed with her at the same time, that a young man, one day, will officially take me from her.

Literally. Takes me. From her. So, there, by the time mom said that, I didn’t reply her at all. Because I didn’t know what to say. She was right, I’d be taken and leave her alone.

And then came yesterday. My mom said something again. A similar one to the second part (third paragraph) but deeper. This part is actually the most important part of this scribble. And I wanted to elaborate it. But I forgot what my mom said. Oh God, me seriously, in the middle of writing, forget the main topic that I wanted to talk about at the very first place. The thing that was my reason for me to write this post.

So, well, I’ll try to recover my memory later :D Let my memory takes some rest now, so it’ll get better soon. Hope soon. Hope so.

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