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See You in the Paradise

This post is for a friend of mine who feels sorry about me after such problem that happened between us.

Sadly, I don´t have any chance to tell this friend that now, after like 3 months, I´m totally fine. It was a lie when I told  this friend of mine that I was fine in my very last message. But except the sentence "I´m fine", everything that I wrote in the last message was true.

Now the sentence ´I´m totally fine´ is a big truth. And the reason is, because God helped me to. He guided me to be happy step by step instead of pretending to be okay. Now my heart feels so light and I´m feeling like seriously closer to Him. Alhamdulillaah.

Now, the only thing that I want to say to this very good person, is that I´m totally fine and please stop feel sorry about me. Be happy with your own way as I´m being happy with my own path too.

I´m very grateful with everything that is fated for all of us. We literally have everything that we need: a home, a homeland, family, good friends, job, daily foods, healthy body and too many other special things. We are blessed.

I have fully realized, I have no time to feel down. Everywhere, out there, there are too many people who have too much hard lives. Their homes are destroyed, their lands are burned down, their freedoms are stolen, their dreams and hopes are erased, their tears flow with their painful blood, and, they don´t even have any reason to suffer this catastrophe.

And the hereafter is even a much bigger issue. Every little thing we do here right now means nothing at all compared to the eternal future life. All we have to do is preparing it in this very short period of lifetime. This too mini time will be totally wasted if we use it for such trivial stupid things that we don´t even know whether it would ended up good, useful, or just nothing at all.

And I also have too many things to do to make my dreams come true. I can´t lose my focus and I´m staying stably on it now. And unexpectedly, beautiful things keep appearing and happening to me. People around me love me more and more. And even your theory about ´don´t ask people to invite you unless they literally invite you first´ doesn´t work on me. I told them I wanted to go to their place and they were absolutely happy whenever I came over and they keep asking me to come by again and asking me why did I not come, when I didn´t visit them for a while.

I´m blessed. You are blessed. We are blessed. Our Lord is always with us. And I don´t know how should I describe my happiness about my own life right now. It´s just perfect. Everything´s great :)

2 comments for "See You in the Paradise"

  1. Alhamdulillah, senang bacanya. Semoga lancar ya semuanya di sana..